we are gingerme, we design fabric and jewelry!

Hi and thank you for stopping by!
We are Nahoko & Tomoe, the designers and the makers behind gingerme based in Tokyo.
Everything you see here is designed and handmade by us.
We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did designing and crafting them!
And here are some stories about us, 2 Japanese girls who love ginger…

  • Nahoko:
    Surface pattern designer & baby and kids clothing maker

    I love traveling around the world, discovering every ethnic culture has its own distinctive, traditional, beautiful patterns of decoration. And it inspires me a lot.
    When I’m not traveling, I love designing and crafting.
    As I became a mom, I started to make baby & kids clothes with original fabrics which are ethically and eco-friendly produced.

  • Tomoe:
    Jewelry designer & maker

    I’ve always been interested in the power of color.
    It encourages us or sometimes even excites us as much as it can relax or heal us.
    So my works always focus on color or color combination.
    My inspirations come from the world within me and I started jewelry making to give shape to them.

gingerme = ginger + me ( the letters from our names )

Can you survive hot and humid summer days without a glass of ginger ale?
Can you imagine chilly winter days without a cup of hot ginger lemonade?
Ginger always gives us energy and vitality, and it can be a remedy for cold as well. It’s essential for many cuisines around the world.
It’s neither a hero nor Superman but it’s always by our side to help us…

We hope our simple, bold and a bit playful design spices your life and warms your heart up just like ginger does!